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Leena smiled and placed a soft kiss on RyZen’s lips. He returned her smile and opened his mouth to speak again but she silenced him with a long kiss. He wanted to continue to their conversation, but more than that, he wanted to finally fulfill his desire to lose himself inside the woman in front of him.

First, he knew, now was the time he had to reveal his secret and tell Leena everything. He had never had to reveal the details of his transition to a potential lover before. He didn’t know how to tell her that he was…

The important role media played in the upbringing of a “Latch-Key Kid”.

When I arrived home from school, the silence of the house did not frighten me. It was more of a consistent comfort. As an only child, in the era of “latch-key kid” life, a silent home was a reassurance and not a concern. If I came home to find a parent after school, it usually meant that someone had lost a job or some other disconcerting event had happened to upset the routine because nothing, not even illness, ever kept either of my parents away from work. Sometimes I would cry when my mother went to work and she…

The scent of burning blinders.

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New Year’s Eve 2019

The taste of her lingered on my tongue and my skin was still warm from her touch. I closed my eyes and allowed the memory of her to caress me.

Wrapped in the bed sheet, I stood at the bottom of the stairs by the door, waiting for her to gather her things. I involuntarily inhaled, overcome by the full scope of her beauty, when she emerged from the bathroom wearing her leather jacket and boots. …


What a year of celibacy taught me about intimacy and sexual pleasure.

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Much like the rest of the world, I had big plans for 2020. I was going to travel more, discover more. I had speaking engagements and retreats booked several months out. This year was supposed to be the culmination of so much time planning and dreaming. Instead, it was the culmination of so much healing and growing that began several years before.

In recent history I had experienced what tarot card readers would define as a “tower moment”. …

I run with you and from you.

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I saw you and I immediately knew. I saw you and I immediately knew. I saw you and I immediately knew…

So I run, I run, I run from you.

I was angsty. You were just eating up my brain. I had never met you. I felt like I was going insane. This must be a lesson! Because what could I possibly gain?

Then a spiritualist asked me, “Have you ever heard of twin flames?”

No, what is that? Some crazy new board Game? And why are you talking to me? …

Once upon a right now, somewhere in the convergence of time we sat as a whole and we said, “let it go”. Each piece of us innately knows exactly where to go and nowhere in this land is there a space without a hand reaching out to hold you up… reaching out to hand a cup filled with joy laughter and life. Release the one in your hand that holds the strife. Take the cup that which you give the one that says that we WILL live. That we will live beyond this point not by luck but by Choice…

Chrystal B. Stage Photo credit: ALW III
Chrystal B. Stage Photo credit: ALW III
Author Deneishia Jacobpito (left) Maternal Grandmother Chrystal (Right)

“You know what, leave, I don’t need you here anyway!” She yelled at me from across the room. Anger forced her nostrils to flare and any sign of pleasantness left her face. The truth was always in her eyes. If I ever wanted to know what she was thinking or how she was really feeling, I just looked at her eyes. They were the barometer and she could never hide when I looked into her eyes.

This time, her eyes were blank. There was an absence of anger, however, there was also an absence of love. Her eyes were…emotionless. That…

The first woman I ever loved.

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The shades had been left open a little bit more than I usually allow. The morning sun streamed through the slats with a fervor I did not appreciate. I didn’t want to be awake at dawn. When I turned over in an attempt to hide my face from the sun I rolled onto my cell phone. That simple feeling of the cold device touching my skin served as a reminder that the space beside me lay empty. There was no love to snuggle up to as I fell back to sleep. There was no…

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You are perfection to me.
Talented, beautiful, witty, and kind.
I fantasize about making you mine.
Then I worry about ownership.
I worry about imposing my wants on you.
I worry about what to say and what to do.
Is it wrong to tell you that I want you?
Is it wrong to tell you that you are beautiful?
Do I wait for you to invite me into you?
What is the right thing to do?
Consent is important to me,
So I don’t want to start a sexual conversation…
Unless invited by you.
Although all that I want to do…
Is run my tongue across your skin,
Feel your touch again and again.

Deneishia Jacobpito

I tell stories from a Queer, Mixed Race, Pagan, Gen-X, Fandom Nerd perspective.

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